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 Explanation/primary skills

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PostSubject: Explanation/primary skills   Thu Jul 05, 2007 3:25 am

Skills include magic attacks performed, abilities used and such. Abilities take up Endurance while Magic takes up Mp. Strength determines End while Intellegence determines Mp. (NOTE:When it says lvl that means the lvl YOU must be to acquire. NOTE:NOTE:Only 1 new ability when a ability comes up for learning) Can only use 2 skills per post and only every 3 post. (I:E Skill No-Skill No-Skill No-Skill Skill) ALSO all skills on this post are 1-10 only and can aid you throughout your adventure. THESE SKILLS APPLY TO THE LIVING ONLY!!!

Primary Magic skills are as followed:

skill lvl 1
dmg 5
Mp 10
lvl 5 (Mystics can get this as first ability at first lvl)

skill lvl 1
dmg 2
Mp: 9
effect:Could freeze foe for 2 posts
lvl 5 (Mystics can get this as first ability at first lvl)

skill lvl 1
dmg 7
Mp: 10
lvl 5 (Mystics can get this as first ability at first lvl)

skill lvl 1
cure points 30
Mp: 23
effect:Heals 1 selected ally. Can only use 2 times a battle. Only Mystics have this Magic.
lvl 10 (Mystic only)

Primary Guardian damaging skills

Mega Bash:
skill lvl 1
dmg: 6
End: 15
effects:slam down on blunt end of weapon (Unless sheild then slam down on front end.)
lvl 3

Double Arch
skill lvl 1
dmg: 2 per hit (Max 4)
# of hits: 2
End: 4
effects: Takes tip of weapon and slashes in two semi circle motions on chest (Shadows I.E unless you're as tall as them cannot be hit by this so height matters)
lvl: 3

skill lvl 1
dmg: 7
End: 20
effect: Slam down on enemies head (Remeber height theory).
lvl: 10

Primary Sword Wielder dmg skills:

Power swipe
skill lvl 1
dmg: 5
End: 4
effect: Holding weapon to ribs you then thrust with all might sidways.
lvl: 2

Illusional stirke
skill lvl 1
dmg 2
End: 4
effect: Quickly thrusts weapon an any direction that it creates a trail of follow up' weapons that cause enemies to possibly flinch for 1 post.
lvl: 6

skill lvl 1
dmg: 6
End: 6
effect: Presses sword against throat of enemy (Enemy CAN dodge this) and causes a cut in throat (Use ONLY against Heartless or Nobodies ((Excluding Org definitly))
lvl 10

Aiding primary skills: (Most ranks can use all of these some are rank specific.)

Dodge Roll
stat advantage: +3 Evasion -2 speed
skill lvl 1
End 8
effect:raises Evasion but slows down your speed. Lasts 3 posts
lvl 5

stat advantage +4 strength -4 Intellegence
skill lvl 1
End 10
effect: Raises your confidence and makes you stronger but lowers intellegence in the process. Lasts 2 posts. Mystics cannot use this skill.
lvl 7

Catch a Breath
Cure points +10 End, Mp
skill lvl 1
effect:You take in a few good deep breaths making you regain some of your lost endurance and magic points. Takes 1 post to do so you can do nothing else when this skill activates.
lvl 10

Guard Break
Stat advantage: +2 to all stats
End: 5
Mp: 5
Skill lvl 1
effect:You go into a state of a sugar rush making everything slightly better.

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Explanation/primary skills
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