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 Haseo Akio

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PostSubject: Haseo Akio   Thu Feb 19, 2009 12:09 am

Name: Haseo Akio


Homeworld: Traverse Town
Physical appearance:

(Exept he doesn’t have the daggers) He is a bout 150lbs, he is kind and caring.
Height: 6’1
The Past: One week after he was born, both of his parents were killed. He had to live with his uncle till he was 10. Haseo ran away when he was 10, but strangely enough, he came back. He ran away for a second time (this time when he was 16) , this time he stayed away. He lost all contact with his family. He has been training, hoping to become a Swords Weilder, or a Guardian.

Alignment: Light
Level: 0
Hp: 100
Mp: 30
End: 30

(will change if I have to)
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Haseo Akio
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