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 Akira Kimura

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PostSubject: Akira Kimura   Mon Dec 03, 2007 2:17 pm

Name:Akira Kimura


Homeworld:Never City

Physical Appearance:

Height: 5'8

The Past:Born on the night the strange events occured so long ago that caused Never City to become closed and secluded from the world. He was in his youth the odd one out. No friends and neglegent parents caused him to become socially and slightly emotionally unstable. He spent much time in the libraries (and still does) reading up on the Blank and odd Hisory of Never City. Then one day randomly and oddly he recieves a letter on his 22nd Birthday. In this letter he aquires information on his iminent part and a plan he already finds. . .is researchable. The offer intrigues him and he decides ,when the time comes, to join this enigmatic person to do whatever it is he or she wishes to accomplish. In his own curiosity he decided to in a ,failed attempt, get past the gates of Never City. Fueled to piece the missing gaps of Never City he trains to become a skilled warrior to one day get past those gates. (Not the greatest but. . .I'm not too picky with pasts. . .usually)

Alignment: Darkness


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Akira Kimura
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