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 The Academy

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PostSubject: The Academy   Sat Aug 18, 2007 11:30 pm

This thread will be short and to the point. All people shall start in there respective academy. Academy students shall be taught once a day. Each lesson they gain experience. So in just a little while you would gain 5 levels. Academy students can also be assigned assignments to do around there town. These WILL not involve fighting and you usually earn equipment and/ or munny/stats. These assignments are random and are thought of by the person who controls the academies NPC teachers. To all people who shall control the teacher: You can only teach a maximum of 2 things a lesson and only 1 lesson a day.

In the end I shall give you a test. This test will be simple but it tells me your role playing abilities. If you fail this test you will wait for one day to refresh and be ready to take the test again.

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The Academy
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