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 Battle System

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PostSubject: Battle System   Mon Aug 06, 2007 3:28 am

Before Reading Remember there are no autos, that means you can not say you hit the person it must state that you are trying to hit, making an attempt.

Most moves are based on how much your stats are. It is a system to try and keep things fair. For example if you have a speed of ten and your opponent has five speed then you will most likely hit fifty percent of the time. If you have a speed of two and they have a speed of ten you most likely will be hit eight out of the ten times.

Introduction to Open Sparring.

When fighting a moderator will look at the fight and have final decision.

You may:

- Post your attacks and defenses at any time.
- Decide if attacks dealt upon your character hit, and how much damage is done.
- Describe your character's attacks being initiated and your character's thoughts/feelings.

You may NOT:

- Dodge every significant attack, or have attacks that hit do zero damage. This is poor justification, and very bad roleplaying. You should be realistic about attacks being dealt upon you.
- Decide whether your attacks hit or do any damage to your opponent
- Control your opponent in any way. For instance, while you might love to write 'and he trembled at the awesome sight of Saint Sparalot', this would be abuse of control. Control should be minimal and used to faciliate the flow of the battle, not to bolster your ego or place your opponent in an unrealistic situation.
- Make Critical Hits without a Moderatorís or your opponent's consent (see below).
- Use an attack that is not already stated in your character profile.


- If you use a special attack, your description of the attack should be sufficient to justify it. Simply saying 'He used the mega clash move' and then saying OOC 'Go check my profile to see it's effects' should be avoided. This is bad writing and justification skills.
- Meta gaming should also be avoided in this style of sparring. This is where you adjust what you do IC to take account of what you either only know OOC, or want to do OOC. For instance, if your character does not know that someone is psychic, then OOC you read his or her profile and put up a psychic barrier IC without good cause.

You may NOT:

- Portray your opponent unrealistically. That is, don't portray them like some idiot that meekly accepts your attacks and then begs for mercy. (Which means you have no control of what your opponent can do)
- Kill, or delimb. These require special permissions from the opponent, where instead of asking for a critical hit post, you ask for either a delimb, or a kill.

Critical Hit Posts can only be granted by EITHER:

- The Moderator deciding that one side is clearly overwhelming the other in terms of damage.
- The Moderator punishing you for sparring incorrectly or breaking a rule.
- Your opponent deciding that it's only fair given how the spar is going to allow such a post (this is rare, but usually very honorable and to be encouraged).

How do you judge which side is winning?

(Official) Judgement on which side is winning is based on (in order of most to least important):

1. Creativity/Strategy. The original ideas and thoughts behind the post.
2. Description. How well you write up the attack. How well you define it, describe it and so forth.
3. Justification. How well you justify your attack and explain why it's valid.
4. Awareness. Taking into account character, attack and environmental aspects.
5. Respect. How you are behaving OOC to your opponent.

A lack of description, justification or awareness by one player can allow holes to be exploited if the other player uses a creative strategy.

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Battle System
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