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PostSubject: Equipment/Weapons   Thu Aug 02, 2007 2:17 am

I guess I should start doing this now. First thing is first. All users use the provided academys items until they finish there own time there (In which will be at lvl 5.)

Weapons:Pretty much your needed item to ensure your safety through-out the whole roleplay. Without one you virtually weak and un protected.

Equipment:Just as it is in the games things such as rings, necklaces, and other small accesories are used to enchance certain stats of your character.

NOTE:Heartless/Nobodys can not use items at all.

Types of Weapons: These are the basic weapons used during your adventure these are not specific weapons.

Mystics/Magical Entity:

Enchanted Books:books in many different sizes and colors embued with a special power that enhances the persons magical ability.

Staff:These are much more common that Enchanted Books, Staffs can be used as both a slight long range support as well as a device to increase the chance of hitting your target.

Fan:Fans embued with the users magical power. Usually slightly bigger than the users head when fan is open. This is a Magical Entity only item in which it is too advanced for Mystics to use. The fans are also quite odd instead of conjuring the magic the fan makes it itself releasing different magic in different forms.


Sheild:Used more for defensive purposes rather than offensive purposes though it can still pack a decent punch.

One sided Axe:A small axe that comes in a variety of styles.

Two Sided Axe: These are used for thsoe who are protectors. These are too advanced for the amature guardians.

Swords Weilders/Assassin:

Katanas:Your basic run of the mill sword. Most common of the weapons sword weilders use. These are for sword-weilders/assassins who want more power than speed (Though you may only use this in the academy.)

Chain and kama: These are used well in the hands of Sword Weilders for these can be used with magnificent speed. They say in the hands of a true master the weapon seems invisible.

Two-sided swords: A sword with two sides to it. They say a master of speed can only use these as the whole two-sided aspect of the sword is hard to master. Only assassins can use these weapons.

Remember these are only the TYPES of weapons that can be found within a shop for purchasing.


Rings: Are used primarily used to enhance all abilities by very little. Because of these powers one can only equip one to themselves at a time, though on any finger.

Necklace:A weapon used to increase any stat by a great number though it has its possible drawbacks.

Earrings:Are said to help improve stats for Sword Weilders/Assassins specific.

Gloves:Are said to help improve the stats for Guardians/Protectors specifc.

Bracelets:Are said to help improve the stats for Mystics/Magical Entity specific users.

Rare Items:If you sometimes do missions for people of other worlds than you can aquire rare items that can do a multitude of things past just increase stats.

Some items can even let people aquire spells or skills not accessable to that rank. Such as spells for the other two ranks, etc, etc.

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