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PostSubject: Partys   Thu Jul 05, 2007 8:50 pm

Partys are found commonly found in three's. You may only form a party at lvl 10 and even then only with people up to 3 lvl's higher or 3 lvl's lower. (Unless you're lvl 10 in which case only up to 3 lvl's higher.)

During partys you can go on certain missions.

Light:Volunteer Assignments
Darkness:Assasination Missions
Twilight:Achieving goals

Volunteer Assignments are found by Denizens of Light. Safe worlds and 1 world in a green zone, yellow zone, and red zone will have one. In a reply I shall post the worlds and the person/people that help you.

In Assasination Missions Malificent tells you what you need to do. She will be in Villians Vale tower.

Achieving Goals is found by Nobodies in the new Organization XIII. They can be found in the Beach of Eternal Night and if your high enough lvl Castle that Never was.

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