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 Home Worlds!

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PostSubject: Home Worlds!   Thu Jul 05, 2007 5:07 pm

There are only a couple homeworlds. Notice that some homeworlds will have different appearance inhabitants so if you join Disney Castle you will look animal like (Permantly). Describe how you look too plz (No mythical creatures.)

Atlantica inhabitants will have a Dolphin tail (Female) and Shark tail (Male) only temporarily while you're in that world. Once exiting you will not have these tails anymore. Also Disney Castle inhabitants will become a completely different underwater animal. (No mythical animals like a sea dragon. . .)

Here are the homeworlds:

Destiny Islands

Twilight Town

Traverse Town

Radient Garden

Never City

Disney Castle


Everyworld has a school for specific Ranks and every rank has a specific challenge. By the time you get done with school you will be lvl 5. Once you're lvl 5 go to the training area of all the worlds (Such as the Sand Lot for Twilight Town, The second beach at Destiny Islands.)

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Home Worlds!
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