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 The Story so far. . .

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PostSubject: The Story so far. . .   Thu Jul 05, 2007 3:53 pm

1 month has past since the destruction of the Organization has taken place. But it seems something in the minds of the Nobodies are once again stirring up. Lately no one is safe. The Nobodies come kill and take out the heartless and even a few people. Many who know of these creatures and who know Keyblades,Light,Darkness,Twilight feel as if something is stirring up. And strange letters have been popping up to specific people all over the worlds.

Dear <name>,

It has come to my attention that we are in a era of war. The worlds have become tainted and the balance of the worlds is greatly thrown off. So we need your support. We ask of you all to find the a world 'inbetween.' A world of neither light nor darkness. Twilight Town, find Twilight Town and we shall disscuss your future in my army service. Come to Twilight Town the same day as the notice of the second letter.


This mysterious person has sent many letters to just random people with little to no connections or ideas of the other worlds hearltess nobodys and the countless other things. Light or Darkness this person still sends these letters to them. A greater plot is in the midst and it seems to slowly be unfolding.

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The Story so far. . .
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